First show: February 07

If Pedro Almodovar got his hands on it’s-the-pictures-that-got-smaller Gloria Swanson and mixed in some of the screen-shattering work of Susan Tyrrell in the 70s, he’d land near the titular performance in PACARRETE, a radiant ode to the all-consuming power of dance, with a side of prickly class aspiration.

PACARRETE is based on a true story–presumably until it lapses into complete fantasy in its final moments. A virtuoso sequence underpinned by an anthemic Tina Turner hit literalizes the notion of expressing grief through interpretive dance. And to give you a sense of just how bold the central performance by its 80-year-old star really is: come for the nudity, stay for the bodily functions.

a woman dance joyously in the sun with a broom

Directed by Allan Deberton. Brazil. 97 min.


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