SF IndieFest: MELLOW

February 09 only

Like a venn diagram of O’Henry, Oscar Wilde, Eric Rohmer and Hong Sang-Soo, MELLOW is a quietly subversive comedy of manners.

A florist, a salon and a ramen shop are the eerily sedate settings for a tidy parable about young people navigating years of repressed desire, poignant miscommunications and evolving sexual identities in urban Japan. By turns cathartic and hilarious, it’s wince-inducing to watch these characters give themselves permission to feel.

MELLOW doubles down on its clear-the-air approach to conflict resolution in an extended comic sequence near the middle, and again when the climax takes a turn for the epistolary.

A young man looks at flowers in a flowershop

Directed by Rikiya Imaizumi. Japan. 106 min.


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