February 09 only

Forget about the Yeti, the Chupacabra or the Loch Ness Monster! Tremble! Be fearful! You are about to come face to face with the most mysterious, the most dangerous, the most deadliest of all — LAKE MICHIGAN MONSTER! Somewhere in Milwaukee, eccentric Captain Seafield (Ryland Brickson Cole Tews) assembles the “team of the century”, a group of maritime (sort of) specialists, to help him locate the sea monster that killed his father, and annihilate it. It’ll take a couple (a lot) of attempts, but the captain is determined to get his revenge.

What if SpongeBob had been directed by experimental master Guy Maddin? The answer lies with director Ryland Brickson Cole Tews and his microbudget creature feature. Made with great inventiveness and a love for ’50s B-movies and monster flicks, LAKE MICHIGAN MONSTER is everything indie cinema should be and more. With a gritty black-and-white photography, special effects galore, hand-crafted sets and costumes, and hallucinatory scenes, Tews pulls off a debut feature that’s as DYI as it is entertaining. The fun! LAKE MICHIGAN MONSTER is full of it! So… what do you say? Are you ready, kids? – Celia Pouzet, Fantasia

4 seamen talking amongst each other

Directed by Ryland Cole Tews, USA. 78 mins.

Plays with short: REUNION

a woman crying in her car

A woman spends the night with her friends she hasn’t seen in 10 years only to find out they may have become serial killers.

Directed by Andrew Yontz, USA. 9 mins.


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