First show: February 01

Sidney (Dominic FumusaStranger Things, Hellboy), a playwright, and Lucinda (Kerry Condon), a theater actress, are a married couple who have been having trouble conceiving a child on their own. To achieve this, they employ a surrogate, Genevieve (Julie Sokolowski), originally from France but now living in Vermont. Genevieve is invited to live with the couple in New York for a weekend as she begins the fourth month of her pregnancy.

It’s a busy and stressful time for Sidney and Lucinda, as they’re both involved with rehearsals for Sidney’s soon-to-open play, which Lucinda is starring in. Unbeknownst to Lucinda, Sidney has been in regular communication with Genevieve throughout her surrogacy, which appears to have begun as a friendly correspondence, but has crossed the line into one of a much more romantic nature. Sidney and Genevieve sneak around behind Lucinda’s back for encounters that become increasingly furtive and fraught. Genevieve grows more frustrated, indeed unhinged, over Sidney’s vacillation and reluctance to come clean to his wife about all this. Sidney, for his part, struggles to come to terms with his conflicted feelings, and to find a way to extricate himself from the mess he’s created. It all inevitably sets the stage for a climactic conflict among all the members of this emotional triangle.

Directed by Charlie Birns. Narrative. 78 minutes. USA. 2018.



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