SF IndieFest: BIG FUR

First show: February 01

A world champion taxidermist undertakes the biggest challenge of his career in this funny portrait of an eccentric artist-hero. He decides to build a life-size Bigfoot, based on frames from an iconic 1967 movie. His motivation is not to take home the grand prize, but instead the hope it will prompt the discovery of the real Bigfoot.

a man works on a piece of taxidermy

Directed by Dan Wayne. USA. 78 min.


His name is Naudy Exposito, but while working in the overwhelmingly white Wyoming rodeo circuit, everyone calls him Cuba. A kinetic and humorous glimpse of a man just trying to do his job, the film rides along with Cuba, who fits the rodeo cowboy stereotype no better than he fits into his ill-fated Japanese mini-truck. After a sudden injury, Cuba’s masculine dreams collide with the reality that even the most undignified accidents can be quite painful.

Directed by Abby Sun and Daniel Garber. US. 4 min. Digital.


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