SF Indie Fest: DO U WANT IT?

February 02 only

West Coast Premiere!

Papa Grows Funk was the quintessential New Orleans groove band, a supergroup of local players who drew fans from around the world for their renowned Monday-night residency at the Maple Leaf Bar. Percolating with electric performances, this doc wraps the tale of the band and its breakup into a larger story about New Orleans music, crystallizing the tension between the ease of being a working musician in a city that supports homegrown talent like no other and the frustration that can come with wanting more than that. Defining success proves to be as murky as achieving happiness.

DO U WANT IT? revisits the band’s career as they prepare for a final tour and album recording before a planned hiatus. The film asks the eternal question for New Orleans’ performers: in a city where you can make it as musician, is that enough? Does success mean always leaving your home behind?

Directed by Josh Freund and Sam Radutzky. 92 minutes. USA. 


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