First show: February 07

SF INDIE FESTIndieLogo2014

Friday, February 7 – Thursday, February 20

It’s SF IndieFest’s SWEET 16 this year! (As if we ever possessed a child like innocence.) So this year it’s all about rebellion! Like taking Dad’s car out to the lake to make out and drink crappy beer! (Wait, this is sounding like what we do now, minus the lake part…)

ANYWAY, have we got a line up of great films for you! Starting off with TEENAGE an arty hybrid doc/drama that explores the mid 20th Century explosion of the teenager. DOOMSDAYS is a self-proclaimed “pre-apocalyptic comedy” and ASPHALT WATCHES a psychedelic animated road movie and TIFF prizewinner from underground comix darlings Seth Scriver and Shayne Ehman while COHERENCE is a cerebral low-budget sci fi that dives quickly into quantum mechanics and theoretical physics while ratcheting up some tension and mystery. And for the adults in the room Joe Berlinger’s HANK: FIVE YEARS FROM THE BRINK is a riveting portrait of Hank Paulson, Secretary of the Treasury and architect of the recent bank bailouts. And that’s just 5 of the 45 programs in this year’s festival.  PLUS there are the usual IndieFest road side attractions: Roller Disco on Fri Feb 7, Bad Art Gallery is back Sat Feb 8, our Anti Valentines Day 80s Power Ballad Sing A Long is Fri Feb 14 and the 11th annual Big Lebowski Party is on Sat Feb 15. Go to sfindie.com for full line up, trailers, tickets and more info.


SF INDIE FEST 16: Upcoming Showtimes