SF Green Film Festival: HARVEST SEASON

September 25 only


Directed by Bernardo Ruiz

Expected Guest: Director Bernardo Ruiz

2019 Green Fire Award Finalist

Lush and luxurious, California’s Napa and Sonoma Valleys are known for their top-notch wine making. The unsung heroes of the industry are the vineyard workers and small producers, who lovingly oversee all aspects of the wine-making process, from vine to vintage. Unfolding over the course of one of the most dramatic harvests in history, Harvest Season follows three people whose lives are rooted in wine making, immersing the audience in the challenging and unpredictable process. This film addresses critical issues in the area including environmental protection & California wildfires, immigration & border walls, and affordable housing & workers’ rights.


“Rising above all the other similar films on wine, Harvest Season shines by focusing on all the people involved in making the wine and not just the people at the top.” ~ Unseen Films

“Told expertly and with some startlingly gorgeous photography, director Bernardo Ruiz gives a first hand account of small wine producers and the struggles they face both economically and politically in 2018 America… a film that’s as beautiful as it is intimate and emotionally moving.” ~ Criterion Cast

“Ruiz’s film making transforms the Napa and Sonoma Valleys into a stage for much larger stories about migration, politics and the American Dream.” ~ NBC Latino

“A full-bodied film with a refreshing balance of amity and anxiety and only the faintest notes of political rancor, “Harvest Season” injects some sanity—and civility—into our vinegary immigration debate. You might say it takes the glass-half-full approach.” ~ WSJ

“Director Bernardo Ruiz said he wanted his project to show that people of Mexican descent have been a part of U.S. history since its founding and winemaker is just one industry where this is evident.” ~ Associated Press

Directed by Bernardo Ruiz, produced by Lauren Capps. 2018, 83 mins.

With Short:

After the Fire directed by Derek Knowles & Spencer Seibert. 2018, 18 mins. (Best Short Award)


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