First show: June 08

Some communities we choose, like LARPing, Buddhist retreats, zines, or bikes; and some choose us, like a loneliness epidemic or a street encampment.

Couper was Here (23min) Dir. Nicole Foley

Couper Was Here” is about a homeless woman in San Francisco, Couper, age 45. She is a former firefighter who got injured on the job and lives on a small monthly disability stipend. After her injury and a divorce, she could not afford an apartment in the Bay Area, and subsequently found herself living in a tent.

But I Love The Zine (16min) Dir. Fiona McDougall

This video reveals the resurgent San Francisco Bay Area culture of zines – artistic publications that are self-made, accessible, intentionally tactile and NOT the Internet. We meet remarkable zine authors in their studios, a major art museum curator, and avid zine festival goers and promoters.

Disconnected (14min) Dir. Alice Aedy

‘Disconnected’ is a short documentary which explores the silent and invisible loneliness epidemic amongst young people in the UK.

Legion (7min) Dir. Casey Beck

Gynnie loves dressing up as a Tie Fighter – one of the many approved characters by the 501st Legion. The Legion is an international charitable organization consisting of members who volunteer their time by donning their movie-replica costumes of the “bad guys” from Star Wars at community events. Gynnie knows from firsthand experience parading in costume at over 100 events how much seeing a Star Wars character can brighten someone’s day. Gynnie also knows the group’s commitment to their community goes deeper than the surface: after her 13-year-old daughter committed suicide last year, the organization saved her from her depression. Her friends in the Legion got her through one of the darkest times of her life, and her commitment cos-play gave her life renewed meaning. Heart-warming and optimistic, the short film Legion reminds us all what it means to hope.

On Retreat (11min) Dir. Jessica Bernstein-Wax

Judith Skinner has spent 23+ years on a Buddhist retreat in a studio apartment in San Francisco. The city has changed dramatically over the past two decades, but Judith’s routine and rotating roster of feline companions have not.

Thursday Fields (20min) Dir. harry Zernike

A surprisingly diverse cast of characters gathers every Thursday evening at a defunct airport in Brooklyn. Native New Yorkers and new immigrants, Wall Street traders and construction tradesmen, they come to race bicycles on Floyd Bennett Field’s crumbling, windswept tarmac.


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