First show: June 01

From fun to weird to heartbreaking: It takes a special kind of person to film Super 8, be Nic Cage’s stand-in, plan LEGO mega-installations, run a cult-like beauty school, examine the dead, or perform in a circus.

2,000 Kids and the Giant Mandala (19min) Dir. Tim Wu

Wei Wei – one of only twenty Lego Certified Professionals in the world and the only one who doesn’t build lego sculptures – embarks on her biggest project yet, harnessing the creative power of 2,000 children to turn 1.8 tons of legos into a giant mandala at a museum in Shanghai.

Danny’s Super 8 (4min) Dir. Colin Russell and Alex Rodiques

A look into the work of underground filmmaker Danny Plotnick and his love for Super-8 film.

HIGH FLYING JADE (30 min) Dir. Katherine Sweetman

Walking the line between mindfulness and adrenaline rush, an American, bipolar, aerialist tries to reconcile her suicidal inclinations, her past life as an air traffic controller and the pressures of training for opening night at the Vietnamese circus.

The Last Doctors of The Santa Fe School Shooting (14min) Dir. Melanie Bencosme and Christine Ngyuyen

In May 2018, a nation stuck in an endless cycle of mass school shootings watched yet another massacre play out in a small Southeast Texas town at Santa Fe High School, where a 17-year-old gunman killed eight students and two teachers. The shooting left the community stunned, but unlike the shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida three months prior, the incident quickly receded from public consciousness. But long after the dead were buried and the cameras had left, there were still those reckoning with what happened that day and it’s not just the family and friends of the victims – it’s the people that came to do their jobs. For three women at the Galveston County Medical Examiner’s Office, keeping professional and personal lives separate is essential. This time, leaving their work at the office would prove impossible.

The School of Beauty and Long Life (10min) Dir. Noah Sheldon

At a school in Shanghai, thousands of students are enrolling to follow their dreams of becoming hairdressers and beauticians.

Uncaged: A Stand-In Story (11min) Dir. Blake Johnston and Kelso Steinhoff

Marco Kyris worked as Nic Cage’s stand-in for a decade on 20 films; everything from Cage’s break out role in Leaving Las Vegas to the blockbuster franchise National Treasure. In Uncaged: A Stand-in Story, Marco talks about his early life as an actor, his journey into the entourage of Nic Cage, and what it was like working in the shadow for one of Hollywood’s Legends of Cinema.


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