A symphonic journey into our obsessive consumption and spectacularly shot, BEAUTIFUL THINGS is a journey of words, sounds and geometries in which to get lost. A virtual-reality experience allowing viewers to immerse themselves in worlds to which it would be hard for them ever to have access in their own lives.

An oil field in Texas, the engine room of an ocean-going freighter; an immense anechoic chamber in Switzerland – these places are at the root of our daily existence because the objects which we love to fill our lives with begin and end their journey in just these isolated and unfamiliar worlds, through a process of creation, transport, validation and destruction. The protagonists of the film lead solitary and silent existences, remote from our own lifestyle, but their confessions make us feel part of a single design.

Van is a floor hand, the maintenance man on an oilrig. He works in the desert, at a large oilfield in Texas. Danilo is the chief engineer of a freighter. He spends all his days in the heart of the vessel where a humongous engine resides. Andrea is a scientist. He has lived his whole life between mathematical formulae and the silence of the anechoic chamber. Vito has spent half of his life looking after slot machines. Today he is in charge of an immense reinforced-concrete pit for waste. These men, unwittingly, provide the basis for the whole sequence of creation, transport, marketing and destruction of the objects that feed our bulimic lifestyle.

The objects that we think we need every day begin and end their journey inside isolated and eerie industrial and scientific locations. These men are monks in temples of steel and concrete and carry out the same mechanical rituals every day in silence and solitude, sharing the space with their own phantoms.

BEAUTIFUL THINGS is a trip of words, sounds and geometries where you can lose yourself and breathe into unknown and distant worlds.

Directed by Giorgio Ferrero. 93 min. Italy. 2018. West Coast premiere.




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