Sex Worker Movie Marathon – Decrim, Dignity and Other Tales of Hope and Resistance

These energetic shorts inspire our activism, with a global focus on decriminalization/criminalization; laws; movements; organizing; community, resistance, and, of course, FOSTA SESTA!


PJ Starr in person!

PJ Starr. 6 min. 2019. USA.
Some straight talk on the phone lines from PJ Starr, the Incredible Edible Akynos and Monica Jones about the impact of new federal laws about online sex work. Audio recorded by speaker phone and animation by PJ Starr.

Decriminalising Sex Work in South Africa

Eyewitness News and the Big Fish School of Digital Filmmaking. 3 min. 2013. South Africa.
A look at the argument supporting the total decriminalisation of adult sex work in South Africa, exposing the realities and dangers of being a sex worker.

La Puta Dignidad

Micaela Garrido with AMMAR. 11 min. 2018. Argentina.
Inspiring and provocative, La Puta Dignidad documents the experiences of sex workers organizing in Argentina with AMMAR (Asociación de Mujeres Meretrices de la Argentina), a sex-worker rights organization.

Amrun Nesa

Mila Mel, Dhivithra, and Lisa Ja’afar. 5 min. Singapore.
Amrun Nesa tells a difficult story about sex workers and drug use. Based on the story of a real person, this experimental film collages the different stories, opinions, and perspectives of sex workers on the issue. This video was produced by HRD Drug group, a peer run, community-based project in Singapore.

What You Don’t See

Angela Donini, Laura Murray, Flavia Viana, Marina Cavalcanti, and Tais Lobo. 9 min. 2017. Brazil.
What You Don’t See asserts sex workers’ right to the city. It challenges stigmatizing discourses through images, texts and audio produced by sex workers during Rio de Janeiro’s 2016 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

30 years waiting

Kim Cums and DecrimQLD. 4 min. 2019. Australia.
30 years after the Fitzgerald Inquiry into police corruption, sex workers in Queensland, Australia take a stand against a licensing model that criminalizes their safety.

Empower/ Sex Workers’ Perspective

Marianne Chargois. 72 min. 2018. France.
EMPOWER is a series of 3 portraits of sex workers in France, with heterogeneous trajectories, crossing migration paths, trans identities, feminism, the fight against HIV, the fight against precariousness and against discriminations.
Aying, Giovanna Murillo Rincon, and Mylène Juste make a real advocacy for minority rights, combining personal backgrounds, political analyses, and collective resistance strategies.


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