Sex Worker Movie Marathon – Testimonies: The Complexity of Empowerment

This show presents discourses within a variety of sex worker communities, focused on performers. Presenting new and old analysis, justifications, courageous stances, explorations of privilege and sex workers pondering their roles within various communities.

Sisters of the Night

Dornel Edwards. 12 min. 2018. New Zealand
“Sisters of The Night” goes inside the lives of two Auckland sister strippers sharing insights about their relationship as sisters who strip together. The documentary explores the dynamics between siblings and provides a window into the lifestyle and issues of being a stripper in New Zealand’s sex culture.

Kitchen Talk

Caritia, Lina Bembe, Bishop Black, Carmina, Max Disgrace, Jasco Viefhues, Mia Secreto, Kali Sudhra, Rebecca, Evie Snax, Rooster, Nina Scum & Rude Jude. 5:20 min. USA.
A group of 12 Black, Indigenous and People of Color in porn gather to create self-directed content. “During the shoot we ended up gathered in the kitchen crying, laughing and holding each other. Here is an excerpt of that conversation.”

The Job

Ksenia Kravtsova. 30 min. Ukraine.
Three heroines, three stories … Three frank stories from the life of sex workers.
What is the danger hidden in this profession? What difficulties do they have to overcome in their path?
Three women tell about their work, about the first experiences, and even about their first love, as they discuss the essence of their profession.

Angel & Opal

Jack Truman. 7 min. 2019. USA.

Jack Truman and Opal in person!
“Angel and Opal” is a short documentary film about 2 burlesque legends talking about the golden years of burlesque. Burlesque legends Satan’s Angel and Opal Dockery share memories from their dancing days in the 60’s and ’70’s. A hilarious, eye-opening, shocking underground short film, ANGEL & OPAL opens the audience’s eyes to a lost era.

That’s why I like it

Sydney Southam. 15 min. 2018. Canada.
“That’s Why I Like It” is a culmination of my work as an artist, filmmaker, professional pole dancer and stripper. Using my own complicated experiences and insights into the labour conditions as inspiration for my line of questioning, I began interviewing and filming dancers from varying backgrounds in their homes, asking them questions around feminism, objectification, power, and love. The edited interviews are paired with a looping multi-channel video installation depicting the women’s bodies from behind, swaying and twerking in hypnotic slow motion. “That’s Why I Like It” presents a group of women who are simultaneously exalted and demeaned because of their profession, and strives to understand what it means to be consensually objectified for a living.


Linda Pornsánchez. 35 min. 2018. Spain.
“Tránsitos” is about the way that two migrant sex workers in Europe, who–while looking for a better life from machismo, transphobia, gender violence or whorephobia–instead find racism, violence and exploitation. It dives into their strategies such as activism, art and political love.


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