Sex Worker Movie Marathon – Still and Moving Stories

A collection of deep reflections on the “whoreness” in our diverse communities. Unique explorations of a variety intersections … race, beauty and sex worker experience/role by sex workers. These push far past the the stereotypical issues within sex worker identities and politics.

WORK, by Claire Allore


Sherry Sherqueshaa. 1 min. 2017. Singapore.
This series of portraits in photo montage presents a heartfelt story of pride and success at a crossroads. Stunningly beautiful, Sherry, trans woman and sex worker, wrote and directed this short. This video is part of a digital storytelling workshop sponsored by Project X and the Stilettos Alliance @care.


Xavier Hamel, Sarah El Khawand. 4 min. 2019. USA.
The Los Angeles pop artist challenges the roles of innocence and submission in his latest music video Materialistic. Jove’s big appetite for men and wealth prompts him to escort on the streets of LA, providing the perfect boyfriend experience to his clients.”The song was written about my time in Las Vegas as a 19 year old with a fake ID and getting into clubs and meeting older men. I knew that I was very materialistic because I was searching for a sugar daddy to buy me designer – even though I had a well paying job and could afford it by myself.”


Claire Allore. 11 min. 2017. Canada.
Two sex workers in Toronto share experiences relating to race, gender, and emotional labour in their work.


Saira Barbaric, Alistair Fyrn. 4 min. 2017. USA.
A professor lurks in search of a mythical creature and finds more than they could have hoped.

Boys For Sale

Ian Ash, Itako. 76 min. 2017. Japan.
Young men are selling sex in Japan. Who is buying? In 2-chome, the gay district of Shinjuku, are bars selling “urisen” – straight boys who have sex with men. Formerly the red-light district of Tokyo, 2-chome has had an historical connection to prostitution since the Edo-period which continues to this day. Nine “urisen” speak about their experiences selling sex to men as well as how they began the work.


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