Sex Worker Movie Marathon – Sewers of Heterosexuality

PENNIE, by Lola Clavo

Experimental forms, wherecinema really meets sex work… it goes into intimacy without actually showing much… simple indie films, that let something unfold…

Sewers of Heterosexuality

Marianne Chargois. 11 min. 2018. France.
Marianne Chargois has been a professional Dominatrix for 10 years. She documents her practice from the inside through various sound and video recordings. Taking as a starting point the fetishisms she practices most with the clients–namely enemas, fist fucking, and urethral probes–she develops an analysis of toxic and dominant masculinities and their possible subversions. She shares her vision of sex work as a place of economic autonomy and empowerment of minorities. Between documentary, obscenity and analysis of practices, the video art The Sewers of Heterosexuality is a love manifesto to all ho’s of the world.


Lola Clavo. 60 min. 2018. U.K.
A documentary portrait of Pennie, a 29-year-old art student from Athens living in London and working in the sex industry. The film follows Pennie through her daily life for a period of one year. The film challenges preconceived notions regarding femininity, sexuality and sex work. Pennie is queerness in its essence. She is able to fluidly move through gender roles, stereotypes and sexuality in the most natural way, even when being part of an industry that moves strongly in the opposite direction.


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