Sex Worker Movie Marathon – Have Body Will Travel

The program presents the diversity of family and affective configuration, in very different parts of the world: a young single Polish sex worker in England; Thai women marrying Danish men to send money back home; a trans Latina in California also dealing with issues of working to sustain a family…

£125/ hr

James Mileham and Andrew Owens. 10 min. 2018. UK.
This short documentary explores the everyday life of Lyon, a polish teenager working as a prostitute in London.


Kase Pena and Marlene Forte. 15 min. 2017. USA.
A transgender woman, pressured into returning to sex work by her demanding mother so that she may financially provide for her family in their native country, also deals with a pesky teenage neighborhood boy who’s in love with her, and a married lover with empty promises.


Sine Plambech and Janus Metz. 90 min. 2018. Denmark.
Sommai, a former sex worker from Pattaya, lives in the windswept Northern Jutland. 25 years ago, she came to Thy to marry Niels, and ever since, she has helped women from her village in Thailand marry Danish men. Now, it is her niece Kae’s turn.

Sommai and Niels place a personal ad in the newspaper, and soon a suitor comes forward. Meanwhile, in Thailand, another young woman, Saeng, tries to find a Danish man, but Sommai cannot help her, and instead she must provide for her son by working in the sex bars in Pattaya.

Ten years later, we meet them all again and see what consequences their choices have had for themselves, their children, and the two small communities in different parts of the world. Intimately and attentively, destinies and dreams are woven together in an existential life journey.


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