December 01 only

This December join us for Roxie Mixtape, an on-going series celebrating diverse and engaging short works by Bay Area filmmakers.  Join us for a night of unique, provocative and haunting movies. An eclectic mix of comedy, drama, documentary, experimental and ‘other’, there is sure to be a little something for everyone in this program.


CIRCLES: A POEM IN THREE PARTS –  Is a visual poem which examines diverse manifestations of circularity in an attempt to erode the veneer of the everyday and reveal deeper, perhaps fathomless existential undercurrents.  (Experimental, 10 mins., Silvia Turchin)




GOOD GIRL – “Good Girl” is about love, dedication and going the distance. Frankie, a Cairn terrier trains to be a certified pet detective to find missing cats. Filmmaker Berry Minott–along with her 8 year old son Will — train Frankie to be a Sherlock Holmes to the pet set with some surprising twists and turns to their shared adventure. In the United States, over 62% of people have a household pet. What purpose do pets really serve in human lives? Are they an outlet to misplaced love or to satisfy our unmet needs? Is it morally acceptable to place our pets as “valuable” as a human life. “Good Girl” raises these questions with decidedly biased answers.

(Personal Documentary, 14 mins., Berry Minott)


CRUSH – A female vineyard worker shares her story about life as an illegal immigrant in California’s wine country. (Documentary, 9 mins., Sonya Gray Redi)



SKYDOGS – A voyage through the cosmos with dogs. Shot on 16mm shown digitally. (Animation, 5 mins., Linda Scobie)




PARCHED DREAMS –  Is an acid western / low fantasy / horror super 8mm film about a few twisted characters who, beyond their knowing, have stepped out of society into a sub-hallucinogenic alternate realm. In this strange land, a godforsaken housewife attempts to woo her dull lover, a deranged spell-casting genie wreaks havoc, and an alluring alien haunts a woman’s nightmares. (Experimental/Personal, 7 mins., Hillary Andujar)


GARBAGE GOLD– A profile of SF Recology’s Artist-in-Residence program, that allows artists to create works from materials they have scavenged from the  Public Disposal Area. (Documentary, 12 mins., Ellie Vanderlip)


HE SAID – he said i don’t want you……to be afraid of your body. hiv. loss. and reclamation. he said i don’t want you….

(Experimental/Personal, 3 mins., Irwin Swirnoff)


WAITING FOR BERTA – Two Miami women in their eighties rekindle a blood feud that dates back fifty years and ninety miles to revolution-era Cuba. (Narrative, 14 mins., Laimir Fano)



TECHNOSTALGIA – Is a way of representing the complicated and beautiful ways in which we interact with technology. The piece uses found Weird Internet media such as images, gifs, Vines, Instagram videos, and YouTube videos in order to show how we stay connected. Created with Adobe After Effects and edited with Adobe Premiere Pro CC.

 (Found Footage, 2 mins., Sage Yockelson)


THE GAS MAN’S CRIME – One night at work an inept gas station attendant accidentally commits a crime and attempts to dispose of the evidence. (Narrative, 8 mins., Miles Guyn) *This film depicts the death of an animal*



THE IGNITION POINT: RAPTIVISM -International performer Aisha Fukushima shares her ignition point as a Raptivist. “Finding my voice in Hip Hop allows me to be free!” ~ Aisha
WHAT IS THE IGNITION POINT? A web series that investigates the habitual side of human nature by collecting and presenting real stories of inspiration and addiction, focusing on their ignition point. Each episode tells the story of one individual’s passion or addiction from the moment it all began, and the advice they would give themselves, looking back. (Documentary, 3 mins., Dimitri Moore)

whats-old-is-newWHATS OLD IS NEW – A mixed media experimental work that examines the relationships between new and old motion picture formats.  (Experimental, 3 mins., Sarah Flores)






ESTOY PRESENTE // I Am Present – An essay film exploring the isolation felt from identifying as a gay Latino (Experimental/Personal, 7 mins., Christian Ovando)


Stick around for  a Q&A with the filmmakers in attendance after the show!




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