Republican Debate Watch Party 

September 16 only

Primary1On Wednesday, September 16, The Roxie Theater and The League Of Pissed Off Voters, have put together a Republican Debate Watch Party for the ages, introduced by Tom Ammiano.

With 17 Contenders, so far, 7 of which no one knows what to do with, the Republican Primary has turned into tawdry, top-rated, Reality TV from which it is impossible to turn away. Chris Christie wants to bar-code immigrants with FedEx tracking numbers. Scott Walker promises to burn up the Iran Nuclear Deal. Come watch the circus as Republicans fall all over themselves attempting to outdo one another on the Outrageous Meter, and get walked to the edge of the plank by the Teflon clown-prince of the polls, Donald Trump. The Republican establishment is having fits as it attempts to fight it’s way out of America’s new, favorite soap, “The Donald Show”, starring the billionaire blow-hard as he gleefully Primary2pushes his opponents off the General Election cliff. Ad-libbing policy positions and slinging insults to his right & left while claiming he’s already bought his opponents many times over, The Donald’s hijacking of the debates makes for deliriously irresistible entertainment.

Primary LeagueTom Ammiano, LGBT rights activist, former member of the California State Assembly, and former member of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors, sets the stage in a way that only a long-standing progressive politician with a background in stand up comedy could.

Come watch the fireworks while swilling beer and venting with your fellow pissed off voters.

Doors: 4:30
Introduction: 4:50
Debate: 5:00
Admission: $10.00.


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