RAGING BULL: 35th Anniversary on 35mm

First show: December 11

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Raging Bull is the most painful and heartrending portrait of jealousy in the cinema–an Othello for our times. It’s the best film I’ve seen about the low self-esteem, sexual inadequacy and fear that lead some men to abuse women.” – Roger Ebert

In the three decades since RAGING BULL was released in 1980, Martin Scorsese has outgrown the director label. He’s become an institution, one that is often imitated and paid homage to by fledgling filmmakers in awe of Scorsese’s varied, endlessly innovative output.

However, RAGING BULL was not born at the apex of Scorsese’s life, but the nadir. While hospitalized (he had a mélange of drugs in his system), Scorsese remained dormant and despondent on bed rest. The once promising career that resided just over the horizon after directing MEAN STREETS and TAXI DRIVER was beginning to appear more elusive. Then, one day, Robert De Niro stormed into his hospital room, once again pitching the story of boxing legend Jake LaMotta. This time, a bottomed out Scorsese understood the tortured boxer’s pain, and agreed to the movie.

RAGING BULL has come a long way since 1980, and to commemorate its 35th anniversary, we’ll be presenting the film on 35mm. We hope you join us.

(1980, 129m, 35mm)

[Note: Despite the lovely poster provided by SPOKE ART, this is not their monthly event. See this.]



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