First show: April 22

A very special midnight tribute screening!

Friday night 4/22 show is SOLD OUT

JUST ADDED: Saturday 4/23 at MIDNIGHT! (Also SOLD OUT)

A rush line will be available the night of the screenings

imgres“The Kid” is the talented but troubled frontman of his Minneapolis-based band, The Revolution. To escape his difficult home life – his father is verbally and physically abusive, and his mother is emotionally abusive – he spends his days rehearsing and his nights performing at the First Avenue nightclub. First Avenue’s three house band slots are held by The Revolution, the flashy Morris Day and his group The Time, and Dez Dickerson and The Modernaires. Morris knows that the Kid’s guitarist, Wendy, and keyboardist, Lisa, are growing disgruntled with the Kid’s leadership of the band, especially his refusal to play any of the music they have composed. Taking advantage of the situation, Morris lobbies Billy Sparks, the nightclub’s owner, to back a more commercial girl group (which Morris is already forming) to replace the Revolution. He targets the Kid’s girlfriend Apollonia – an aspiring singer, newly-arrived in Minneapolis – for his girl group, and tries to persuade her that the Kid will never help her establish herself because he can’t even establish himself. Apollonia eventually relents and joins Morris’ group, which Morris names Apollonia 6. When she reveals her partnership with his rival to the Kid, he becomes furious and slaps her, mirroring his father’s actions.

USA, 111m, HD Digital presentation



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