Panorama Colombia: VIRUS TROPICAL

August 18 only

Adapted from the graphic novel memoir by Colombian-Ecuadorian cartoonist Powerpaola, Virus Tropical is a thoughtful and deeply affecting coming-of-age story that begins on the night Paola is conceived – in a stylized but anatomically complete sequence that sets the tone for the film’s matter-of-fact exploration of sexuality and family – and ends with her striking out on her own as a young adult. Over the intervening years we accompany Paola, the youngest of three daughters raised by a mostly single mom, as she gropes and fumbles her way through friendships, new schools, clunky romances, and various domestic dramas. Scrappy DIY black and white animation and lo-fi Latin-indie score lend a lovingly idiosyncratic charm to a film that brings forth a unique and utterly refreshing girl’s POV perspective.  PLEASE NOTE: Film contains frank depictions of nudity, sex, childbirth, and recreational drug use.

Paola nació en una familia tradicional colombiana, o al menos eso es lo que tratan de aparentar. El papá es sacerdote, la mamá es vidente y las hermanas no precisamente son lo que sus padres esperaban. Esta es la historia de una joven que lucha por su independencia en un contexto duro, lleno de estereotipos y apariencias y que narra la vida de una mujer latinoamericana que no responde a ningún canon y que aprende a vivir mientras va viviendo. Con una visión del mundo de una particular forma femenina esta niña es testigo de una sucesión de pequeñas crisis que van moldeando su personalidad. Basada en la novela gráfica de la historietista ‘Power Paola’ de Paola Gaviria.

Directed by Santiago Caicedo. 2017. 96 min. DCP. Animation. In Spanish with English subtitles.

Co-presented by Mill Valley Film Festival


PANORAMA COLOMBIA showcases some of the most stimulating works made by a new generation of emerging filmmakers in Colombia. Four feature films and a program of shorts make up a series that celebrates not only the talent and the creativity of the Colombian directors, but also a cultural expression through its cinematography and story-telling.

Presented by RoxCine. Co-presented by the Consulate General of Colombia in San Francisco and Cine+Mas San Francisco Latino Film Festival.

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