Noise Pop Festival 2020 PAVEMENT: SLOW CENTURY

February 26 only

Includes Q&A with Lance Bangs and Bob Nastanovich

Photo of band members of Pavement lying on the ground and sitting in varying positions.

Pavement is a band from Stockton, but their secret history is a backroad that extends to Charlottesville and Hoboken and Louisville and a few places in-between. Inarguably the best rock group of their era, fame came knocking in the Alterna-rock gold rush, but they were too wiley, too elegant, too cognizant to answer the door.

In 1999, Lance Bangs collected a decade’s worth of footage of the band, from camcorder-shot record store performances to public access chicanery to deluxe pro-shot European concerts, and created the backbone of a documentary. He shot contemporary interviews and spent years putting it together. The result was the beloved movie Slow Century, released on DVD with the band’s music videos and a few shows. The whole package would be an essential collection in any era, but it was especially valued to Pavement’s growing cult in a world where the band had broken up and YouTube didn’t exist.

We’re extremely excited to present a 20th anniversary screening of this crucial documentary followed by a conversation between filmmaker Lance Bangs and Pavement’s own Bob Nastanovich!

Directed by Lance Bangs, Spike Jonze, Thurston Moore, Kim Gordon, Dan Koretzky, and Tom Surgal, 2002. 85 mins. DCP.

Roxie Theater trailers play during the 30 minutes prior to showtime.


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