Nippon Nights: SUICIDE CLUB

Nippon Nights presents SUICIDE CLUB, the biggest Japanese cult hit of the millennium! This enigmatic, gruesome look at youth culture comes from master director Sion Sono (TOKYO TRIBE, LOVE EXPOSURE).

SUICIDE CLUB opens with 54 cheerful teenagers throwing themselves in front of a train for no apparent reason. Other inexplicable suicides follow, but further events yield more questions than answers. What is the purpose of a mysterious white bag containing stitched human skin found at some of the scenes? What sinister role does the seemingly innocuous but overexposed teen band Dessert have in this? What is the meaning of a mysterious website that seems to predict the suicides before they occur? Time is running out for the police and their unlikely ally, a cyber jock known as “The Bat”. The suicide rate has climbed to a spectacular rate, and the country is in the grip of an obsession with death. Unless this is stopped, anarchy will consume Japan.

Writer/director Sion Sono presents an impressive satire on the power of popular culture and its control over the mindset of a country. With the media telling us how to dress, what to watch, and what to think, why not have the media tell us to kill ourselves? Granted, it’s an unlikely scenario, but for the purpose of SUICIDE CLUB, it drives the point home. Think for yourself and be yourself, Sono seems to be saying, and not what television and magazines say. Truly a laudable message and certainly advice worth taking.

Directed by Sion Sono 2002 Japan 99 mins in Japanese with English subtitles



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