Nippon Nights: MASSACRE GUN

February 23 only


Nippon Nights takes a deep dive into noir in February with  MASSACRE GUN, another stylish underworld story from Nikkatsu studios, which served as Japan’s number one producer of cool crime movies in the 1960s. Nikkatsu’s hit list at the time, which included not only this movie but such classics as CRUEL GUN STORY, A COLT IS MY PASSPORT, and BRANDED TO KILL, shared in common bluesy soundtacks, downtrodden romantic bad guy heroes, and fantastic black and white cinematography. MASSACRE GUN’s team of director Yasuharu Hasabe (BLACK TIGHT KILLERS, STRAY CAT ROCK: SEX HUNTER) and cinematographer Kazue Nagatsuga (BRANDED TO KILL) do not dissapoint the studios standards, as MASSACRE GUN provides some of the darkest and loveliest images in the Nikkatsu canon. MASSACRE GUN also includes Nikkatsu superstar Jo Shishido, the chubby cheeked hero of CRUEL GUN STORY and BRANDED TO KILL. Here, Shishido dominates the screen as a soulful hitman/nightclub owner who decides with his two brothers-one an aspiring boxer with a heart of gold, the other a hotheaded thug- to break from the mob after one hit compromises his moral code.  The mob pushback, and Shishido’s ultimate response, produce some of the craziest and most violent set pieces in all of noir!  

Bring your sweetie or just be sweet to yourself and come to the Roxie for this cool crime classic, which alternates between crazy nightclub sequences that could have been transported from Antonioni’s LA NOTTE to blisteringly violent action scenes that even hardened Tarantino fans will appreciate; the last battle between Shishido and the mob joins the plantation shootout in DJANGO UNCHAINED and the final sequence of THE WILD BUNCH among the finest examples of cinematic carnage!

89m/Japanese with English subtitles/HD Digital



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