Nippon Nights: ICHI THE KILLER

October 27 only

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Nippon Nights brings the shock and awe in October with ICHI THE KILLER, Takashi Miike’s gore-soaked 2001 masterpiece that retains it’s power to cause chills and thrills 15 years later!

Sadomasochistic yakuza enforcer Kakihara, in an iconic performance by heartthrob Tadanobu Asano, goes on a quest to find the killer of his boss that turns the mob world upside down. Kakihara’s angst over the loss of his leader is heightened by his feelings of rivalry with the killer, who does his job in such a brutal and disgusting fashion that even Kakihara’s legendarily brutal methods seem tame by comparison. While the grisly set pieces that scatter the film are truly frightening and hyper-kinetic, upping the ante from Miike’s earlier J-horror masterpiece AUDITION, the overall viewing experience is heightened by an elliptical narrative and by odd moments of humor and surrealism.

This movie as much as any other in Miike’s incredibly prolific career demonstrates his Kubrickian mastery of pace, perfectly balancing moments of frenzy and calm. This balance is on perfect display in the figure of Kakihara, whose wild appearance, a masterwork of costume design by Michiko Kitamura, is balanced by Asano’s understated performance to rival Heath Ledger’s Joker as one of cinema’s most colorful and compelling villains.

Adapted from his own popular manga by Hideo Yamamoto (assisted by TOKYO ZOMBIE director and KILL BILL actor Sakichi Sato) and Including a shocking performance by cult director Shin’ya Tsukamoto (TETSUO: THE IRON MAN) and an incredible, eclectic score by Karera Musication, an offshoot of the infamous Japanoise/psychedelic rock fusion band The Boredoms, ICHI grabs the viewer by the throat from the opening frame and doesn’t let go for over two hours! Relive the experience or see for the first time one of the great movies of the new millennium. Come to the Roxie and do something without fear of reprisal–except, perhaps, in the nightmares that might follow–that could land you in jail in Germany, Norway, and Malaysia, where ICHI THE KILLER is still banned!

129m/Japanese w/English Subtitles/DCP


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