August 23 only

“Our goal is to exterminate the entire human race…”

An airplane cruises through a blood red sky–in a shot stolen by Quentin Tarantino for KILL BILL 1–over a remote part of Japan when a brightly lit and unidentified object causes it to crash land. As the small plane’s passengers, including the flight crew, two scientists, an industrialist, his dissafected wife, a grieving American Vietnam war widow, a megalomaniac politician, and a terrorist, try to figure out what happened and how to survive, one of the passengers sneaks off and encounters the inhabitants of the object that caused the plane to crash. This encounter leads to some, er, severe personality changes (trying not to spoil anything here, but let’s just say this transformation involves a terrifying sci-fi horror mashup!). When the altered passenger returns to the downed plane, his interaction with the remaining cast leads to an intense drama that brings out the best, the worst, and the strange in everyone.

GOKE BODY SNATCHER FROM HELL represents the apex of low budget late 1960’s science fiction from Japan’s Shochiku studios. An obscure director (Hajime Sato, an actor turned director with only a couple of obscure titles to his credit) uses a crazy script, an awesome soundtrack, and interesting topical touches (integrating photos from real-life events into the action in the movie, for example) to produce this crazily interesting psychodrama that may end up producing one of the weirdest and most interesting 80 minutes you’ve ever spent watching a movie! Including an unbelievable ending that may or may not be influenced by classical Japanese theater, this mind -bending monstrosity is a theatrical must see!

Directed by Hajime Sato. 1968. 84 min.

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