Nippon Nights: GHOST SQUAD (2018)

It has suddenly come to our attention that lead actress Anna Yanagi, originally scheduled for a Q&A, has been INJURED (!) & will be unable to attend. Please accept our apologies.

Rika can see ghosts. During a fight with her boyfriend, Rika is brought to the brink of death and inadvertently bridges the gap between the three ghosts of girls who were senselessly murdered and the real world. Ghost Squad! After they help Rika, skewer then kill the boyfriend, Rika agrees to help the souls of her ghost-weapon wielding friends find peace by getting vengeance on the evil men who killed them. During their high-flying, spirit wielding campaign of bloodshed, Rika and the ghost squad discover the power of friendship.
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Written and directed by Noboru Iguchi. Starring Anna Yanagi, Minori Mikado, Asaka Nakamura, Sumire Ueno, and Yuni Hong. In Japanese with English subtitles. Japan, 2018. 1 hr 46 min. Digital.




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