Brand  new 2K restoration!

Iconic singing and acting superstar Meiko Kaji (LADY SNOWBLOOD) plays Matsu, aka “Sasori” (Scorpion), a force of nature who leads her fellow inmates on a journey of discovery and revenge in a movie that smears the line between art and exploitation. With influences as diverse as Greek tragedy, Noh theatre, Orson Welles, and Sergio Leone, director Shunya Ito erases the generic expectations of a women’s prison movie almost immediately from the viewer’s mind with a phantasmagoric opening sequence that quickly reveals itself as merely an appetizer to a banquet of dazzling set pieces that seem more at home in a museum than a grindhouse.

Combining the widescreen artistry of Seijun Suzuki and the documentary-style kineticism of Kenji Fukasaku, Ito takes us on a wild ride with a gang of inmates who escape early in the movie and try to make their way through the Japanese countyside. Along the way, each prisoner recounts their own tragic stories, all presided over by the nearly completely silent but nonetheless magisterial Matsu, whose steely stares are worth more than thousands of lines of dialogue. As the characters work out their internal struggles the outside world closes in, leading to a stunningly bizarre climax.


Featuring a spaghetti Western-influenced soundtrack and deliciously over the top performances by Yukie Kagawa and Fumio Watanabe, FEMALE CONVICT SCORPION: JAILHOUSE 41 is one of the most satisfying 88 minutes you’ll ever spend in a theater! Experience this masterpiece of cutting edge 1970s Japanese cinema as we bring it to the screen in a beautiful new digital restoration!



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