Near Dark (35mm)

October 28 only


Screening in glorious 35mm!!!!


Innocent ranch hand Caleb (Adrian Pasdar) can’t resist ice cream licking Mae (Jenny Wright) and becomes the plaything for a blood thirsty horde of RV roaming vampires led by the socipathic Severin deliciously played by Bill Paxton. Soon the group takes the newly turned Caleb to a biker bar to feed in a scene that was so violent Bigelow had to make cuts in order to avoid an X rating from the MPAA. I guess they didn’t agree with her take on violence – “Humor is very important when you’re dealing with violence. I like the sense of watching something horrific and having fun with it and not quite understanding why you’re having fun with it. I think that’s interesting.”

Absolutely one of the best vampire films ever made and Oscar winning director Kathryn Bigelow’s very first feature, NEAR DARK did not do well when it opened, but achieved cult status soon after.

NEAR DARK directed by Kathryn Bigelow, 1987, USA, 95 min, 35mm


Director’s statement:

“In an effort to sort of modernize the material, to update it and make it contemporary, we got rid of all the gothic aspects of the vampire mythology – the teeth, the bats, holy water, crosses, mirrors, all of that. We just kept the most salient aspects – they burn up in sunshine, they must drink blood to live, they live forever, bullets don’t hurt them, and they’re very strong. Then we set them in the mid-west and used aspects of a western – shootouts, showdowns at high noon, only in this case it’s high midnight.”bigelow2



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