Narcissister Organ Player

First show: November 16

Skype Q&A with Narcissister after the 11/19 screening!


Brooklyn-based artist and performer Narcissister plumbs the depths of identity, sexuality, family, race and death in her breathtaking documentary feature debut that premiered at the 2018 Sundance Film Festival. A dazzling and multi-layered hybrid documentary/performance film, Narcissister Organ Player explores how the director’s complex family history and her relationship with her mother compelled her to create the masked, erotic character of Narcissister. Boundary defying in form and rich in content, the film’s tone oscillates between heart-rending and playful as it builds to its emotional and dramatic climax.

Narcissister is an American director, producer and performance artist. Her art is well-known for challenging and exploring themes of culture, sexuality, identity and bloodlines. Her work has appeared throughout the globe, including at The New Museum, The Kitchen and Abrons Art Center.

91 min. Directed by Narcissister. USA.


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