October 15 only

California Premier!

Part of the 45th Mill Valley Film Festival at The Roxie.

Director Homer Flynn & Producer with Starr Sutherland in discussion with retired PFA Media Curator, Steve Seid after the show!

The Residents have existed over half a century now as one of the singular cultural enigmas of our times: An unclassifiable arts collective-slash-rock band who’ve racked approximately 100 albums and countless memorable stage shows, yet whose members’ identities remain a well-kept secret. Among aficionados, nothing in a vast back catalog remains more sought after than Vileness Fats, a 1970s-era cult movie intended to end all cult movies, left unfinished and unreleased after several years’ work. Its surreal weirdness inspired (and is excerpted in) this brand-new feature project. A skateboarding priest turned plumber (Dustin York) fears a plague of moon fungus and other possibly paranoid perils as he navigates a San Francisco that’s part German Expressionist nightmare, part noir mystery, and all Residents-tial referencing. Shot in high-contrast black-and-white by cinematographer Frazer Bradshaw, this bizarro enterprise is dedicated to late cast member (and longtime vocal collaborator) Gerri Lawlor. —Dennis Harvey

US 2022, 84 min, Homer Flynn and The Residents.

The Residents Live At Sweetwater!


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October 157:00 PMThe Roxie