Frustrated with a feeling of disconnect from her experiences and surroundings, longtime cyclist and director Liz Canning sought to recapture the freedom and relationship to nature she experienced in the saddle of a bicycle. As a new mother, Liz felt a sudden dependence on her car to transport the kids, creating a sense of isolation and a moral conflict over this reliance on a gas-powered vehicle. Living in Northern California, in an area teeming with cyclists, she sought out other riders to figure out how to make her life work on two wheels. Once she opened her eyes to the possibility of an alternative lifestyle, she began to notice other mothers, fathers, shop owners, and neighbors on cargo bikes, carrying children, farmers’ market purchases, packages, and more. What began as an individual quest for a better, more sustainable lifestyle turned into a crowd-sourced documentary project and the evolution of a community of cargo bike riders redefining the possibilities of a more ecological and efficient transportation infrastructure.

Directed by Liz Canning. USA. 81 mins. 2019.

Co-presented by Warm Planet Bikes and SF Bicycle Coalition.


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