First show: January 24

Livand IngmarShe was 25, a new actress with a handful of films on her resume; he was 46 and widely considered one of the greatest living filmmakers. He invited her to work on a film called Persona, and the rest is cinematic history. Over twelve films in which he directed her, and two films she made based on his screenplays, Liv Ullmann and Ingmar Bergman formed one of the most remarkable and fruitful artistic collaborations ever. The intensity of their work on screen was matched by their passion off screen; they fell in love, and for about five years lived as a couple. Yet even after their romantic break-up they continued to be, as Bergman put it, “painfully connected.” Narrated by Ms. Ullmann, Dheeraj Akolkar’s elegant film shows how much their relationship became the subtext—and perhaps in a few cases such as Scenes from a Marriage, the actual text—for many of the masterworks they created together. -NY Film Festival



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