Lavine on the Lam: DETOUR and THE BIG COMBO

December 04 only

Part of our four-film tribute to Elliot Lavine, Lavine on the Lam!

This part of the event includes two of Elliot’s favorites films, Detour and The Big Combo, both defining titles in the world of noir, with a break in the middle to pay tribute to the man himself!

detour_jaime_june11Detour, Edward G. Ulmer, 1945

In New York, piano player Al Roberts (Tom Neal) laments when his singer girlfriend, Sue Harvey (Claudia Drake), leaves for Hollywood, Calif. When Al gets some money, he decides to hitchhike to California to join Sue. In Arizona, Al accepts a ride with Charles Haskell (Edmund MacDonald), but during a storm in a freak accident, Haskell is killed. Frightened, Al assumes Haskell’s identity and car, but soon comes upon the mysterious Vera (Ann Savage), who seems to know all about his true identity. [67m, HD Digital]

the-big-comboThe Big Combo, Joseph Lewis, 1955

Police Lt. Leonard Diamond is on a personal crusade to bring down sadistic gangster Mr. Brown. He’s also dangerously obsessed with Brown’s girlfriend, the suicidal Susan Lowell. His main objective as a detective is to uncover what happened to a woman called “Alicia” from the crime boss’s past. The last in a cycle of low-budget film noirs directed by Joseph H. Lewis. [87 minutes, Restored HD Digital]



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