Kika + Acción Mutante

February 21 only

Join us for an evening of early 90’s Spanish cinema with an Almodóvar touch!

Come for Almodóvar’s 10th film, the outrageous KIKA, and stay for cult director Alex de la Iglesia’s debut feature Acción Mutante. These two black comedies were made in the same year, financed by the same production company, the Almodóvar brothers’ El Deseo, and shared the presence of Almodóvar regulars Bibi Andersen and Rossy de Palma. See either as a single feature for $13 or both as a double for $16!

Presented by RoxCine. Co-presented by Cine+Más San Francisco Latino Film Festival.

KIKA, 7pm

Kika, the biggest hit of the year in Spain and the tenth feature from Pedro Almodóvar (Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown), is as nutty and controversial as anything he has ever done. Naive, sexy and vigorously independent, Kika (Veronica Forque, the perky prostitute in What Have I Done to Deserve This?) is a typical Almodóvar heroine—one whose incorrigible optimism defies all catastrophes. A make-up artist, Kika gets involved with a mysterious but attractive expatriate writer (Peter Coyote), his bewildered stepson (Alex Casanovas), the malevolent Andrea Scarface (Victoria Abril) who is a roving reporter for a TV tabloid show, a bedraggled maid (Rossy de Palma) and her criminal brother on day leave to attend a religious procession. Through her dizzying interactions with this gallery of rogues, Kika confronts life in Madrid, including conjugal non-bliss, urban rape and multiple murder with bizarre equanimity. From Abril’s Gaultier-designed video-vamp attire to the gloriously color-drenched sets, Kika revels in the flashy postmodern pastiche that has become the maestro’s signature. With its cavalcade of strong women, Kika shamelessly proclaims itself a women’s film while updating the genre. But when Almodóvar, no stranger to rallying against the staid, tosses in a shocking plot that plunges the movie into a dark tale of jealousy and revenge, we realize something new is afoot—fun mixes with that critical edge everyone now calls the ’90s. (San Francisco International Film Festival, 1994)

1993. Spain. Written and directed by Pedro Almodóvar. With Veronica Forqué, Rossy de Palma, Victoria Abril, Alex Casanovas, Peter Coyote, Bibi Andersen. DCP. In Spanish; English subtitles. 114 min. This film contains sexual violence.

Kika (Verónica Forqué), maquilladora, y Ramón (Alex Casanovas), fotógrafo de modas comparten piso y vida sentimental. Un día, ella es violada por el hermano (Santiago Lajusticia) de su asistenta (Rossy de Palma). Kika, además de tener que superar este trauma, deberá enfrentarse a una estrella de televisión sin escrúpulos, Andrea Caracortada (Vistoria Abril), que decide recrear su caso en el sangriento “reality show” que presenta.

Acción Mutante, 9:15pm

It is the year 2012. The planet is dominated by the cult to modeled bodies, beauty and gymnastics. The lone voice of protest comes from Accion Mutante, a terrorist group made up of physically and mentally handicapped outcasts. Released from jail after 5 years, the group’s leader Ramon plots to kidnap Patricia, the daughter of an industrialist who has amassed a great fortune by making whole-wheat bread. The mutants intend to take her to the distant planet of Axturias where they hope to exchange her for a massive ransom, but the journey does not go according to plan. This baroque, grotesque, imaginative gonzo post-apocalyptic black comedy promiscuously mixes science fiction and comedy, film noir and western, Almodóvar and Ridley Scott. Accion Mutante was the first El Deseo production not to be directed by Pedro.

1993. Spain. Directed by Álex de la Iglesia. Written by Jorge Guerricaechevarría, Álex de la Iglesia. With Antonio Resines, Álex Angulo, Karra Elejalde, Enrique San Francisco. Digital. In Spanish; English subtitles. 90 min. This film contains violence.

Es el año 2012. El planeta está dominado por el mundo light, el culto por los cuerpos modelados, la belleza y la gimnasia. Acción Mutante, un grupo terrorista formado por minusválidos físicos y psíquicos, lucha contra el mundo que les ha marginado. Y su golpe perfecto es el secuestro de una jóven bella, hija de un industrial que ha amasado una gran fortuna fabricando panecillos integrales.


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