October 18 only

Junun + Roxie

Devout fans of Paul Thomas Anderson, rejoice!

This Sunday, October 18th, we’re excited to host a free, exclusive screening of Anderson’s latest film, JUNUN. Anderson’s latest cinematic offering comes to us courtesy of MUBI. 

Marking Anderson’s first foray into documentaries, this lyrical passion project tracks Jonny Greenwood’s musical expedition to Rajasthan, India, where he encounters a myriad of gifted musicians from all walks of life. 

For keen observers of Anderson’s filmography, this collaboration with Greenwood (Radiohead lead guitarist) is no surprise. Over the last eight years, Greenwood has scored all three of Anderson’s masterpieces: THERE WILL BE BLOOD, THE MASTER, INHERENT VICE. 

In JUNUN, Greenwood brings his evocative, harmonious sounds to a foreign land. By the end, Anderson and company deliver an euphoric sensory experience, while simultaneously showcasing the joys of artistic collaboration. 

To join us, please RSVP here.


JUNUN: Upcoming Showtimes