John Waters’ Trash Trilogy on 35mm

First show: April 04

0035838.JPGBetween 1972 and 1977, John Waters created three of the most notorious, most noxious, and most beloved comedies ever filmed – his Trash Trilogy PINK FLAMINGOS (1972), FEMALE TROUBLE (1974) and DESPERATE LIVING (1977). Combining high camp with low comedy, featuring shocking sex and class commentary, these films remain as powerful, offensive and hilarious today as they were during their initial release. Just in time for the opening of John Waters’ gallery show Home Improvements at FraenkelLAB, the Roxie is proud to present the films of Waters’ Trash Trilogy the way they were meant to be seen – late at night, in a darkened theater, in 35mm.

Want to see all three? The Roxie’s offering a strictly limited number of $30 TrashPasses that provide access to all three of the trilogy, a VIP badge, and some fun swag. Click here to buy a TrashPass before they sell out (if you get one, your TrashPass will be held at the box office). Otherwise, see below for individual show information and advance ticketing links!


ef07286b5620da2f7cdbf2230bf54ebeDivine competes for the title of “The Filthiest Person Alive” in John Waters’ PINK FLAMINGOS as she lives with her family – egg-loving mom Edie, partner Cotton, and hippie son Crackers – in a trailer in the woods. Her life is interrupted when a couple of heroin-selling, hitchhiker-kidnapping, baby-selling criminals named Connie and Raymond Marble begin competing for her title, leading to a series of gross-outs, shocks and a final scene that that solidifies the film as Waters’ most disgusting, over-the-top cult classic.

Showing at 11:30pm Saturday, April 9th & 9:30pm Sunday, April 10th

Just added! Encore screening 9:00pm Tuesday, April 12th!



Divine plays teenager-turned-murderer Dawn Davenport in John Waters’ FEMALE TROUBLE. When the rebellious schoolgirl doesn’t get a pair of cha-cha heels for Christmas, she runs away from home and soon becomes a single mother to her own disrespectful daughter, Taffy. The campy comedy follows Dawn from her time as a hitchhiker to her life as hybrid model/criminal.

Showing at 10:00pm Monday, April 4th & 9:15pm Tuesday, April 5th


edith-masseyDESPERATE LIVING (1977)

When a wealthy housewife and her maid murder the former’s husband, the two are forced to go on the run from a cop with an underwear fetish. They end up in the town of Mortville, a garbage dump refuge where criminals live under the rule of Edith Massey’s decadent Queen Carlotta. The two move in with violent Mole McHenry and her girlfriend Muffy St. Jacques, where a classic John Waters plot involving rabies, a winning lottery ticket, and a nudist camp begins to unfold.

Showing at 9:15pm Wednesday, April 6th & 11pm Friday, April 8th