Jerry Ross Barrish: A Retrospective

August 23 only

Jerry portrait2On Sunday, August 23, the Roxie is delighted to present a cinematographic retrospective of filmmaker/sculptor, Jerry Ross Barrish, the subject of a fascinating new documentary, PLASTIC MAN: THE ARTFUL LIFE OF JERRY ROSS BARRISH, opening for a 1-week, right here, starting Friday, August 21. This one-day retrospective will include all three feature films, including DAN’S MOTEL, featured in the 1981 New Directors/New Films Series, as well as several of his short films. Jerry will be interviewed on stage by Peter Moore.

Make sure to check out an exhibition of Mr. Barrish’s  sculpture at Studio Gallery, on display through August 31!

Full schedule:
Sunday, August 23
RECENT SORROWS (1984, 80 mins.) plus short “
Sanctity of Marriage” (6:12mins.)
DAN’S MOTEL (1981, 80 mins.) plus short “Aristocrats For Romney” (5:27 mins.)
Plus Jerry Ross Barrish In Conversation With Peter Moore after the film! 
SHUTTLECOCK (1989, 87 mins.) plus short “Marlene’s Berlin” (3:11 mins)

RecentSorrows_George_bedRECENT SORROWS plus short (Sanctity Of Marriage)
Sunday, August 23 at 2:30
A bizarre tale of two men whose respective love affairs have recently ended. A strange encounter between the two in a cafe leads to a mysterious murder. Director/Screenwriter, Jerry R. Barrish; Producers, Simon Edery & Jerry R. Barrish; Camera, John Knoop; Editors, Jerry R. Barrish, Debra McDermott, Norman Mau; Original Score, Stephen Stafford; Original Song Lyrics, Jerry R. Barrish; Cast: Bill O’Brien, Katie Guthorn, Frederick Hodgson, George Berg, Jim Bowyer, Evan Davis. (USA) 1984, digital, Color, 80 mins.

Proceeded by short:
Sanctity Of Marriage
Subtle satire dealing with who in the USA is allowed to be married and who is not. Narrator is a dog (Debi Durst) who tells about her human family, animal friends and neighbors. All the characters in the film are sculptures (non-animated) that are made from found materials created by the director and writer, who is also a sculptor. Director/Producer/Sculptor/Screenwriter, Jerry R. Barrish
Cinematography, Hiro Narita. Editors, Jerry Barrish & Warren Haack
Original Score, Henry Salvia. Sound Editing, Warren Haack, Narrator, Debi Durst. Digital, color, (USA), 2011, 6:12 mins.

DansMotel_Kathleen_Evan (1)DAN’S MOTEL plus short (Aristocrats For Romney)
After the film: Jerry Ross Barrish In Conversation With Chef, Writer, & Founding Roxie Cinema partner, Peter Moore!
Sunday, August 23 at 4:45

“Off a California coastal highway, somewhat isolated, stands the tacky and romantic Dan’s Motel–three stories plus prologue. Quirky and surprising this low-budget compendium of short narratives was shot by the director/editor himself (a bail bondsman by occupation) in four weekends over three years. The motel, described as a last refuge for disintegrating lives, is actually a sympathetic and soothing haven for its lonely guests–eccentrics, would-be suicides and stand-up comics, poets and singers–all who are somewhat revived in Dan’s cheap rooms. Deceptively straightforward, the film is a true and emotionally winning original.” -Museum of Modern Art, New Directors/New Films Series. Director/Screenwriter/Producer/Cinematographer/Editor: Jerry R. Barrish Original Score, Rick Burnley; Original Song Lyrics, Tallie Cochrane & Jerry R. Barrish. With: Jim Bowyer, Francesca Knittel-Bowyer, Sam David, George Berg, Jim Rudolph, Mary Catherine Wright, Evan Davis, Tallie Cochrane, Michael King. (USA) 1981, digital, Color, 80 mins.

Proceeded by short:
Aristocrats For Romney
Satire created for the Obama/Romney Presidental election in 2012.
“We might be dead, but we still have opinions. We are Aristocrats for Romney.
 The Aristocrats” Director/Producer/Sculptor/Screenwriter, Jerry R. Barrish, Photography and Cinematography, Wilfred J. Jones. Editing, Jerry R. Barrish & Warren Haack, Sound Editing, Warren Haack. Narrator, Carlos Baron. (USA) 2012 Digital, color, 5:27 mins.

Shuttlecock_Jack_KristiSHUTTLECOCK plus short (Marlene’s Berlin) 
Sunday, August 23 at 7:30
“An intriguing and affecting adult drama about the complicated relationships that develop between four friends who are better at expressing their art than their love. Well-know Bay Area comedian Will Durst stars as Jack, a successful stand-up comic who’s having problems in his relationship with Kristie, an erotic dancer. They move to a Pacifica beach house next door to Mona, a painter and art teacher, and Lena, a sultry German chanteuse. Local actress Ann Block is a revelation as Mona, showing vulnerability and passion as she finds herself recovering from a failed affair and falling in love with Jack. The characters like to talk, and the film eavesdrops on them as they reveal themselves in bits and pieces; Mona with her shrink, Kristie to Mona, Jack to Lena and Lena to the cabaret audience as she sings her songs. A painfully honest film filled with humor and hope.” –Peter Moore, Mill Valley Film Festival. Director/Screenwriter, Jerry R. Barrish; Producers, Simon Edery & Jerry R. Barrish; Camera, Hiro Narita; Editors, Jerry R. Barrish & Rhian Miller; Original Score, Richard Secrist; Original Song Lyrics, Jerry R. Barrish; Sound, Roy Ramsing & Jaq White; Cast: Ann Block, Will Durst, Maria Isaacs, Liane Hielscher, Christian Phillips, Jim Bowyer.(USA) 1989, digital, Color, 87 mins.

Proceeded by short:
Marlene’s Berlin
Musical poem that is an homage to the city of Berlin, through the eyes of Marlene Dietrich. The images in the film are sculptures of Marlene Dietrich (non-animated) that are made from found materials created by Jerry Barrish, director and lyricist, who is also a sculptor. Barrish has had crush on Marlene Dietrich ever since he first saw the film BLUE ANGEL. The poem was written while Barrish was living in Berlin on a DAAD residency in 1986-87. The sculptures were created from 1989 to 2010. World Premiere, Starz Denver International Film Festival, 2011. Director/Producer/Sculptor/Screenwriter, Jerry R. Barrish.  Cinematography, Hiro Narita. Editors, Jerry Barrish & Warren Haack. Original Score, Henry Salviaj. Original Lyrics, Jerry R. Barrish. Sound Editing, Warren Haack. Vocal, Kathleen Enright. Video, short, color, 3:11 mins. (USA) 2011.


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