Japanese Horror Week

First show: October 25

Sunday, October 25 -Saturday, October 31

This Halloween, the Roxie brings San Francisco a whole week of modern Japanese horror classics. Since the late ’80s, American audiences have been increasingly spooked by stories of surreal spirits, malevolent technological forces and sadistic torture from across the Pacific. While films like KAIRO (PULSE) and JU-ON: THE GRUDGE were remade by Hollywood with limited success, the Roxie is pleased to bring you the scares of the original Japanese movies, alongside artistically intense works by acclaimed directors such as Takashi Miike and Sion Sono.



AUDITION by director Takashi Miike might surprise you at first, as it starts as a lightly comic story about a widower who brings in actresses for a fake movie audition as a ploy to find himself a new mate. Don’t say we didn’t warn you, though, because Miike knows how to play the audience like a piano, and we guarantee you’ll be squirming out of your seat in no time. We’re extremely pleased to present AUDITION in 35mm. Playing Sun/Wed/Thu/Fri.

October 25 8:00 PM Big Roxie
October 28 9:30 PM Big Roxie
October 29 9:30 PM Big Roxie
October 30 9:00 PM Big Roxie


JU-ON: THE GRUDGE by Takashi Shimizu is one of the most popular and well-known J-horror films, and for good reason. A story of revenge that leaves its viewers paralyzed in fear, JU-ON chronicles the goings-on in a haunted house unlike any you’ve ever seen. Playing Sun/Tue/Wed/Sat.

Q&A via Skype with Takashi Shimizu after Tuesday, October 27 screening!

October 25 3:30 PM Big Roxie
October 27 9:30 PM Little Roxie
October 28 7:00 PM Little Roxie
October 31 9:00 PM Big Roxie


KAIRO (PULSE) by Kiyoshi Kurosawa thrusts you into a moody, desolate and apocalyptic Tokyo to tell one of the most haunting tales of technology and the supernatural ever told. Dreamlike and unsettling, KAIRO will keep you on edge as it chronicles the breakdown of its characters at the hands of malevolent forces. Playing Sun/Mon/Tue/Thu/Sat.

October 25 5:30 PM Big Roxie
October 25 8:30 PM Little Roxie
October 26 8:45 PM Big Roxie
October 27 9:00 PM Big Roxie
October 29 9:30 PM Little Roxie
October 31 9:30 PM Little Roxie


NORIKO’S DINNER TABLE by Sion Sono offers up a dark vision of Japanese society, replete with suicide, separation and stabbings on the streets of Shinjuku. NORIKO’s story weaves through the events of Sono’s earlier film, J-horror favorite SUICIDE CLUB, but you’ll enjoy this epic five-chapter masterpiece regardless of whether you’re a die-hard Sono fan or a J-horror virgin. Playing Sun/Mon/Thu/Sat.

October 25 5:15 PM Little Roxie
October 26 7:00 PM Little Roxie
October 29 6:15 PM Little Roxie
October 31 1:30 PM Big Roxie


TETSUO: THE IRON MAN by Shinya Tsukamoto was on the vanguard of Japanese horror in 1989, a brain-melting 67 minute live-action blast of Lynchian surreality and insane robotic transmutation. Just as badass as it sounds, TETSUO mixes grainy black and white photography and a killer soundtrack into one truly unique film. Playing Sun/Mon/Wed.

Q&A via Skype with Shinya Tsukamoto after Monday, October 26 screening!

October 25 3:30 PM Little Roxie
October 26 7:00 PM Big Roxie
October 28 9:00 PM Little Roxie
October 31 3:15 PM Little Roxie

Tickets are $10

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