International Science Fiction & Fantasy Animation (16mm)

A compendium of the best Sci-Fi and fantasy animation shorts, this special program boast classic works by both American and foreign animation directors.

Titles include: FANTASMAGORIE (France, 1908) by Emile Cohl, THE FLYING HOUSE (USA, 1921) by Winsor McCay, UP TO MARS (USA, 1930) by Max Fleischer Studios, PHILIPS CAVALCADE (Holland, 1939) by George Pal, THE SCARECROW (France, 1943) by Paul Grimault, DOLLYWOOD (Holland, 1950) by Joop Geesink, WHO’S SCARED? (Yugoslavia, 1958) by Dusan Vukotic, THE LEGEND OF THE CRUEL GIANT (Russia, 1967) by Ivan Ivanov-Vano & Vladimir Danilevich, and MORE!

100 minutes.16mm.


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