Hecho en México: THE SWIRL / EL REMOLINO

A Q&A via Skype with director Laura Herrero Garvín will follow the screening!

Perched on the bloated banks of the Usumacinta River in Chiapas, Mexico, El Remolino was forged decades ago by five families who saw promise in the area’s dense jungle and lightly mountainous landscape. Today, the town struggles to keep its school open, its farms dry enough to yield viable crops, and its livestock from drowning in the rainy season deluge. While many have fled, strikingly graceful and stoic siblings Pedro and Esther Benitez remain to conquer not only the flooded terrain but also the ghosts of a painful shared childhood. Pedro dreams of finding a loving husband and adopting a child. Esther wants to resurrect her studies and see her children graduate into thriving careers. Considerations of feminine identity and power, memory, and the influence of family poignantly converge in director Laura Herrero Garvin’s languid and beautifully filmed observation. This is a documentary shot with such dreamy yet acute depth and clarity that one can see almost anything in the water’s reflection.

Este documental narra la vida de dos hermanos de una pequeña comunidad de Chiapas, a orillas del río más caudaloso de México. Esther, que es vista como un hombre por su fortaleza y su empecinamiento de crecer profesionalmente, y Pedro, jornalero al que le gusta maquillarse y salir con las amigas. Ambos van a mantener una constante lucha contra los estereotipos de género de su comunidad y las adversidades de la naturaleza.

Directed by Laura Herrero Garvín. Official Selection, Ambulante Film Festival, Full Frame Film Festival, Docs/MX Film Festival, Locarno Film Festival. 73 min. In Spanish with English subtitles.


Hecho en México includes some of the most acclaimed and striking documentary films from Mexico in recent years. The series explores the role that cultural and social values play in the memory, identity, and resilience of today’s Mexican society, delving into themes of adaptation and resistance in the face of adversity. From the trauma of drug-war related violence, to the challenges of extreme environmental conditions and the daily struggles of indigenous peoples, these films provide a portal into real Mexican lives, telling compelling stories and illustrating social challenges in the best tradition of documentary filmmaking. Outside of a few film festivals, these films have never been shown in the United States.

Presented by RoxCine. Co-presented by Cine+Más San Francisco Latino Film Festival, PODER SF, Latino Community Foundation and Galería de la Raza.

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