“What do you get when you kill someone?” a voice asks offscreen. “Power” is the reply from a Mexican gangster who committed his first murder at the age of 14, still in his school uniform. This heartrending documentary devotes as much attention to boys like him as it does to the victims of such crimes, which plague all levels of Mexican society. Everardo González shows how systematic violence holds everyone in Mexico in a death grip. All of his interviewees wear a plain, flesh-colored mask that allows us to recognize their emotions while granting them a certain degree of anonymity. This results in candid stories of kidnapping, murder, rape and other forms of violence. By presenting perpetrators and victims in the same way, González underlines the complex nature of Mexico’s kidnapping epidemic: the chances of having a gun pointed at you are just as good as you pointing one at someone else.

Documental psicológico en el que nos acercaremos a algunas de las maneras en las que el fenómeno de violencia mexicana se ha insertado en nuestro inconsciente. Uno de ellos es el miedo. El detonante de la historia es la aparición de un cuerpo violentado y es a partir del testimonio de los personajes protagónicos cercanos, tanto al cuerpo violentado como a las causas que lo provocaron, que nos adentraremos al inconsciente nacional, no solo a partir del hecho violento, sino además, a partir de lo que éste ha provocado en la mente de los protagonistas de la historia.

Directed by Everardo Gonzalez. Winner, Amnesty International Film Prize, Berlin International Film festival 2017. Winner, Best Mexican Film, Best Documentary and Best Cinematography, Guadalajara International Film Festival 2017.74 min. In Spanish with English subtitles.


Hecho en México includes some of the most acclaimed and striking documentary films from Mexico in recent years. The series explores the role that cultural and social values play in the memory, identity, and resilience of today’s Mexican society, delving into themes of adaptation and resistance in the face of adversity. From the trauma of drug-war related violence, to the challenges of extreme environmental conditions and the daily struggles of indigenous peoples, these films provide a portal into real Mexican lives, telling compelling stories and illustrating social challenges in the best tradition of documentary filmmaking. Outside of a few film festivals, these films have never been shown in the United States.

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