In 35mm!!

Come and commemorate the anniversary of the beloved, lamented Red Vic with this tribute to their yearly screening of this San Francisco classic.

Director Hal Ashby (BEING THERE, SHAMPOO) takes jabs at motherhood, the military, psychiatry, computer dating, patriotic fever and funerals in probably the most charming movie about death ever made. Morbid 19-year-old Harold drives a Jaguar converted into a hearse, stages one suicide after another and frequents cemeteries. Ruth Gordon steals the show as the exuberant 79-year-old Maude who teaches him to appreciate life. Playfully grim, this is black comedy at its finest. Starring Bud Cort, Ruth Gordon and Vivian Pickles, and featuring the music of Cat Stevens. A cult classic filmed in San Francisco, settings include the Sutro Baths, the Marin Headlands and the Emeryville mudflats.

Directed by Hal Ashby. 92 min. USA. 1971. 35mm.

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