GODARD MON AMOUR (Redoubtable)

First show: May 04

The Academy Award-winning director of The Artist, Michel Hazanavicius, continues to explore the art of movies and the people who make them, once again affectionately transporting filmgoers back to a unique time and place in cinematic history — France, in the late 1960s — with the ruefully witty and sexy Godard Mon Amour, scripted by Hazanavicius from the late Anne Wiazemsky’s 2015 book Un an après.

In 1967, Anne (portrayed in the movie by Stacy Martin) is a rising star completing her starring role in La Chinoise, the eagerly awaited new work from the most renowned filmmaker in France, Jean-Godard (Louis Garrel). The two have happily fallen in love, and are married in the summer. Making their home in Paris, Anne and Godard share adventures and cultivate creativity together.

But as his new movie gets a divisive response and he staggers between projects, Godard reveals himself to his new wife as a walking mass of contradictions. Hailed as an icon, he is insistently iconoclastic; seen as a public figure, he does not enjoy being recognized by fans; and while in love with Anne he can also be aloof. With artistic ferment channeling into the societal activism surging across France, suddenly their married life includes street protests, political discussion halls, and a possible shutdown of the Cannes Film Festival. The nation-defining events that rock France in May 1968 lead to profound self-examination for Godard and strengthen Anne’s determination to preserve their marriage.

With cinematic tips of the hat to Godard’s style, Hazanavicius illuminates Godard’s influence for both stalwart fans of the director as well as for those only discovering him now, as Godard Mon Amour warmly considers a relationship in which the two parties each have stories to tell.

Written & directed by Michel Hazanavicius, based upon the book ‘Un an après’ by Anne Wiazemsky. With Louis Garrel, Stacy Martin & Bérénice Béjo, France. In French with English subtitles. Rated R for for graphic nudity, sexuality, and language. DCP & HD Digital. 107 mins.

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