“Film School Drop Outs” is the Roxie Theater’s brand new, over the top monthly cult movie experience brought to you by Peaches Christ Productions. This time they bring you PINK FLAMINGOS!

Trash drag-queen impresario Veruca Bathsalts & bona-fide film nerd Jerry Lee, lovers of all things midnight movie, will be providing an evening of live entertainment that includes audience participation, drag performance, trivia and all-around mayhem, playing homage to their favorite films. These two punks at heart want to showcase dangerous women in power, b-horror, and the ultra outrageous! Become a Film School Dropout and join our class of misfits for a night out at the movies you won’t forget.

The filthiest person alive, Divine, is using the codename Babs Johnson while living in a trailer in the woods with her mother Edie, who loves eggs, her mad hippie son Crackers and her mate Cotton. The envious couple Connie and Raymond Marble, abduct and impregnate female hitchhikers to sell their babies to gay and lesbian couples. The money they make is invested in heroin that’s sold in schools. They hire Cookie to have sex with Crackers and spy on Divine to compete for the title of “the filthiest people alive”. When the competition begins, Connie and Raymond Marble learn why Divine has this title.

Pink Flamingos is the 1972 American black comedy exploitation crime film directed, written, produced, filmed, and edited by John Waters. 95mins.



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