Frozen Film Festival

First show: July 22

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5:30pm Best Environmental Documentaries of 2016
“Trailhead” showcases the history of Oakland’s trail system. “Circle of Poison” highlights the devastating pesticide problem in California. “Top of Europe” is a journey through the skies of Europe.


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7:30pm Best Short Documentaries of 2016
Beekeeping, BART, the Sony Email Hack, Lying about relationships, Alzheimer’s, and a community of former slaves who lives off a train they helped build.
Including: eye lie; Passion of gold and fire; The Revention of Normal; Bozena and Paul; Alzheimer’s: A Love Story; Rapid Transit; The Soul of a Tree; Content Censored; Waiting for the (t)rain.


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9:45pm Best Dramatic Short Films of 2016
Dramatic shorts program leads off with Iceland’s take on Mean Girls and includes Rainbow Party; Everything Else; Freedom Lost; Forest; Bound; The Land of Exodus.


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11:30pm Best International Animated Shorts of 2016
Rare collection of dramatic and comedic international animation from Spain, Russia, England, and Mexico. Films include: Araan; Rabbit Blood; Bear me; Orientation Center for the Unseen; Sophies Story; El Lugar Adecuado; We Cant Live Without Cosmos; Rupestre.



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1:00pm Bay Area Local Short Film Collection, 2016
Supporting Bay Area DIY film- made by and for the bay area. Collection includes dramatic, comedic and relationship themed films. Films include: Her Story; Hazzards Cure; Friend Request; From the Cliff; Room Service; Running Wild: The Legend of Fergus Shufflebottom; Green Gray; From the Bassment- The Undertakers Wife; Crouching Tigers; Charades; Rapunzel’s Etymology of Zero; Upon Reflection; Empty Box of Wine; Pursuing Dreams: Stories of Refugee and Immigrant Youth in California.


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3:15pm Best Experimental Film of 2016
The 10th anniversary collection of rare experimental, artistic and though provoking films curated for museums around the world and featuring stunning, hypnotizing, and provocative topics. Films include: Scratchorama (Cameraless Cinerama); Centipede; Patarei Prison; Will I Scatter Away?; Phantom Limbs; “The Detached”; The Clue Aloha for Indo; Semiotics of Islam: A Primer for Kuffar; With Hammer & Scalpel; Sheep; No End; Amigo; and OUT OF REACH (RAIN NIGHT).


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5:30pm Best Comedic Short Films of 2016
Everybody’s favorite collection of hilarious short films is back. 2016 best comedic short films includes a British comedy about online dating with an astronaut, coffee addiction, twins, and Zombies! Films include: THE WORKING DEAD; Coffee Virgin; I Hate the Color Red; Things My Father Never Taught Me; Twinsburg; Texting: A Love Story; Russian Roulette.


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7:05pm Best Surf And Skate Films of 2016
Epic collection of local and international beautiful and twisted skate and surf film. You don’t have to shred to appreciate this collection of Bay Area and California Dreamin’ Films include: RATSREPUS; Cinecitta’ On Wheels; Finless; Project Cocopelli; Jack Palmer; This Moment; Beautiful Moment.

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8:45pm Feature Documentary: DISTRICT ZERO

A Spanish film crew follows a Syrian refugee as they open a mobile phone store in a refugee camp in Jordan. What happens next? Come watch this beautiful international documentary about life, technology, and the search for home.


10:00pm Best Dramatic Thrilling Shorts of 2016

Zombies and the meaning of life? Fire fighters? Flying sharks? Featuring Oscar nominated special effects wizards, this collection of short films include: Don’t mess with the Sharkies; The Existential Zombie; Violet; Wasteworld; Uncanny Valley; The Smiling Man; Fire Ripples.


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11:20pm Best Animated Shorts of 2016. For the tenth year in a row SF FFF delivers the best animation of 2016. Come mingle with Pixar and the Orphanage and all the local animators checking out films about dinosaurs, houseguests, witches, crows and the unimaginable. Films include: Sophies Story; The Walker; a tale of crows; Claire & The Keys; The Dinosaur; Moom; Perfect Houseguest; The Red Witch.


The San Francisco Frozen Film Festival (SFFFF) is a Nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization founded in 2006 that is dedicated to creating avenues for independent filmmakers, filmmakers of conscience, and artists from underserved communities to come together and exhibit their work to the widest possible audience. Learn more at or by contacting

Festival passes are available for only $20 at the box office!


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