Frozen Film Festival

First show: July 22



2:45 pm: Best Local Shorts of 2017

Shorts made for and by the Bay Area this year cover a range of genres, including drama, musical, documentary, and mystery. Program includes: Dead DogThe LotteryI Take a Long Nap on the White RiverAmbushDistanceSTAYA Good ManNeighbor, The Doodler HomicidesAn Inch of Balance, and Releve. 1 hr 53 min.


5:00pm: Best Short Films of 2017, Part 1

This year’s national and international collection of dramatic shorts will make you laugh, cry, and question everything you know about memory, time, and love. Program includes: SometimesSleepOnly Five MinutesScent of GeraniumStationsLife on MarsKing GrandpaAntoineDestinationONERE, and MMF. 1 hr 50 min.


7:10pm Best Documentary Short Films of 2017

Metal scrapping in Oakland, Afro-Cuban dance, and Yellow-Eyed penguins are among the subjects of this year’s short documentaries. Program includes: Code Yellow, Christ/ELDance With Your Heart (Tengo Talento Cuba)UnheardScrap23rd of MayThe Submarine, and Into the White: Portrait of a Friend. 1 hr 34 min.


9:05 pm Best Comedic Shorts of 2017

Whether it’s the endearing story of a professional catfish or the complex back-and-forth between a woman and her brother’s boyfriend, this year’s comedic shorts are bound to keep you entertained. Program includes: Hi, My Name isThe TrapsOliviaGo Paul, and ¿SEÑOR O SEÑORITO? 56 min.


10:25 pm Best Animated Shorts of 2017

Robots, entrepreneurial sea creatures, and a bipedal horse named Stewball are just a few of the protagonists featured in this year’s best animated shorts. Program includes: FerusBeyond You and ILand Without EvilVACANCYBuilt to ServeCITIPATILight SightAll the World is a StageO MalStarsPersepolis: A Virtual ReconstructionWe Put the Sea in CoffeeFredMade in SpainDear DeathUKARad Rovers, and Roger. 1 hr 35 min.




1:00pm Best Experimental Films and Music Videos of 2017

Open your mind and question the nature of your reality with the most disarming and beautiful experimental shorts and music videos of 2017. Program includes: Inertia, Dissolving Mind, Final Gathering, Hyphe Myzel Hype, Madrid en David, DIVE, Did You Really Say No, Come to the Edge, Dead Mall, I’m Sorry; It’s Ok, The Catch, There’s more than one way to skin a man, EGO, and Passage of Flick. 2 hrs 4 min.


3:25pm Best Surf and Skate Films of 2017

This year’s surf and skate films are full of more than just awesome shots, they’re loaded with compelling characters who prove to you with every second just how much their sport means to them. Program includes: Pencil UrchinPermission and Kyanq: a Short Skate Film. 39 min.


4:25 pm Best Short Films of 2017, Part 2

Some of these films will trap you; others will set you free. All of this year’s best shorts, though, will heighten your emotions and drive you to the edge of your seat.Program includes: TrialNights of ContritionSisakWords of CaramelHeartHELGA, and Fils. 1hr 48 min.


The San Francisco Frozen Film Festival (SFFFF) is a Nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization founded in 2006 that is dedicated to creating avenues for independent filmmakers, filmmakers of conscience, and artists from underserved communities to come together and exhibit their work to the widest possible audience. Learn more at or by contacting [email protected]

All festival passes are available for only $20 at the Roxie box office!



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