Best Dramatic Shorts 2014


74 mins.

Jason Kempnich, 10 minutes, 30 seconds.
Liberty was yesterday.

Raquel Bedia, 13 minutes.
Andres, a young war correspondent, is investigating the application of torture during conflicts. His encounter with an Argentinian ex-military man will stir in him a need to go further with his inquiries, dragged along by the burden of memory.

Michela Marini, 10 minutes, 46 seconds.
What if you open your eyes and find yourself somewhere you’ve never been? A beautiful girl wakes up paralyzed at the bottom of a cliff with no memory of how she got there.


Los Demonios
Miguel Azurmendi, 13 minutes.
Javi, Fer and Miguel are three friends who roam the city looking for fun. Tonight they have prepared something special.

Drew Angle, 7 minutes, 21 seconds.
As each day passes, Cliff waits for his greater purpose to find him. He spends his mornings shooting, and wastes the day away drinking. He yearns for the freedom and isolation of a wild animal, but cannot escape the vices that connect him to the rest of humanity.

Justin Malone, 19 minutes.
Locked in a lonely routine, a homeless man is softened by a newfound friendship.

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