Footsteps of Godzilla

April 26 only

Classic movie with post-show Q&A with Godzilla Expert

Godzilla_poster-e1425497682651A special double header event, perfect for fans of Godzilla!

First we’ll watch the original film from 1954 featuring a giant monster (or kaiju) resurrected from nuclear testing and goes on a rampage in Tokyo! Can it be stopped? Should it be killed?

After the film we’ll have the unique opportunity to hear from Japanese-monster expert Armand Vaquer who will provide commentary on the movie we’ve just seen, including tidbits not generally known to the public. He will also share his knowledge about classic Japanese classic movie monsters (including not only Godzilla but also Rodan, Mothra, Gamera and many others), and the techniques used in the making of Japanese monster movies.

Directed by Ishiro Honda, 96min., Japan  *Godzilla (1954) will be subtitled in English.

For those who want more opportunity to interact with Armand, and to meet and socialize with fellow Japanese movie fans over a delicious Japanese meal, we will also have a special VIP post event at Izakaya Roku. The prix fixe menu will consist of the following:

Marinated eggplant
White tuna tataki
Tofu and seaweed salad
Fried potato
Chicken karagae
Salmon cooked in foil with miso glaze
Roast pork with vegetables
Japanese style pasta with squid and mentaiko
Homemade green tea cheesecake

Ticket price does not include beverages.

(The event will benefit the Japan Society and help us present future programs.)

ArmandTravelGuide-280x300Armand Vaquer

Monster fan extraordinaire Armand Vaquer has visited Japan seven times researching monster movie locations, some of which resulted in his 2009 book “The Monster Movie Fan’s Guide to Japan.”  Many scenes from classic Japanese monster movies were filmed on location and artfully combined with detailed miniatures. In addition to writing his book, Armand has also written for “G-FAN Magazine” a quarterly fanzine devoted to Godzilla and other film giant monsters. We’re pleased to have Armand visit us from his home in Southern California especially to do this program.


  • 3:30 PM – 5:00 PM  Film
  • 5:00 PM – 6:30 PM  Discussion with Audience Q&A
  • 7:00 PM                    VIP Dinner with Armand Vaquer


 Organized by Japan Society of Northern California


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