Nippon Nights #9: Flashback Memories

♪Join us for the free Didgeridoo Performance by Amber Field before the screening

GOMA_main-300x200“God, please do not erase at least this memory.”

Didgeridoo performer, GOMA, developed higher brain dysfunction as the result of an expressway accident. While looking back on his rehabilitation and recovery with his family’s help, animation recreates his “flashbacks” – incongruous images that suddenly appear in his brain. This completely new style of movie that blends past footage, flashbacks, and studio performances is also emphatically a story of familial love.

s_DSC_8180_lightOn November 26th 2009, didgeridoo performer GOMA was involved in a collision on the Tokyo Metropolitan Expressway. His resultant partial memory loss and difficulty remembering new things were later diagnosed as symptoms of Mild Traumatic Brain Injury. While looking back on GOMA’s rehabilitation and gradual recovery with the help of his and his wife Sumie’s diaries, animation is used to recreate his “flashbacks” –incongruous images that suddenly appear in his brain. This film invites the viewer to experience life as GOMA through past footage, flashbacks, and a live studio performance at Shibuya WWW.

Directed by Tetsuaki Matsue, 72min., 2012, Japan / English Subtitled

 “The effects of this beautifully unique hybrid of music and cinema are exhilarating and unforgettable.”

-Rob Nelson, Minneapolis Star Tribune


The didgeridoo is one of the oldest wind instruments in the world (over 5,000 years old). It is an indigenous Australian instrument that is used in their ceremonies to tell their dreamtime.

Amber Field was featured in San Francisco Magazine’s Best of the Bay for yoga music. She is a performer, teacher, and sound healer and specializes in world fusion music and helping people free their voices, creativity, and spirits.

Nippon Nights #9 FLASHBACK MEMORIES is co-presented byAMBER FIELD MUSIC (http://amberfield


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